Take Control of Your Online Debate.

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“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” – Desmond Tutu


Take Control of Your Online Debates.

Welcome to your free-speech based social network designed to elevate online discussions through short-format, structured debate backed up by cited sources. YOU, as a user (NOT fact-checkers) determine the value and veracity of the arguments and citations by your votes.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” – Desmond Tutu


Disagreements Encouraged

About DebateBase

DebateBase is YOUR home-base for productive debate, argument, discourse, and collaboration.

Made for people who are tired of turmoil online and looking for a more useful way to engage on topics and elevate their credibility.

From our game-style debate forum to the DebateBase library and ultra-private Chat, DebateBase was conceived with free-speech and privacy encoded in our DNA.

DebateBase is committed to the free exchange of ideas and our framework is here to help you sift through the chaff and decide for yourself.

How DebateBase works?

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Follow categories and users as you set up your profile to keep up to date on your favorite topics and debates.

Enjoy the Features!

Debate. Vote on others' debates. Connect with collaborators through DebateChat. Store and share links, documents, photos, or videos in your DebateLibrary.



Create your own topic, choose the category, write your argument, cite your sources, save as a draft for later, OR invite an opponent to debate! You can also browse for interesting topics to follow, search active debates, tag your citation to another debate, and vote on arguments and citations.


DebateChat leverages powerful end-to-end encryption so no one outside your chat can read your messages or see what you send, giving you the peace of mind that your personal messages are outside the prying eyes of everyone, even us! Use the DebateChat to collaborate with others on a debate topic, exchange ideas and resources, and prepare for the live Debate experience.

Nominate Topics

Not ready to debate, but have a great idea for a great debate? Nominate a topic (also known as a motion in debate-speak) and be notified when someone debates your topic!

DebateBase Library

The DebateBase Library is your base for debate operations. Categorize and save links, documents, photos, and videos as references in your personal library. Collect and categorize your research and link it directly as citations in a debate. Use these references to improve your debate footing, share with collaborators through the DebateChat, help out an active debate by tagging your reference to someone else’s argument, or elevate the discussions on other social networks by sharing your research.